Facials and Peels

Facials, Peels, LED Light Therapy


Aesthetics Facials

European Deep Pore Cleansing Facial 60 Minutes $95
Mara’s Signature Advanced Facial 90 Minutes $175
“Fresh & Go!” Facial 30 Minutes $55
Photo Facial (Anti-aging) 90 Minutes $120
Teenage Dream Facial 60 Minutes $110
Back “Facial” Treatment 60 Minutes $95

Additional Facial Treatments

(Take 20% Off Any Treatment With Facial)


Eye and Lip Derma Renewal (w/ placenta) $45
Glycolic Exfoliant & Vitamin C $50
Orange Peel Gomage $25
Collagen Revival $45
Paraffin Treatment $15
Caviar Power $25
Oxygen Boost $30
Pumpkin Treatment $40
Acne Treatment $25
Bikini Facial $79
Bikini Facial w/ Brazilian Bikini $119
Bleaching Treatment $35
  • One Treatment
  • Four Treatments (w/One Free)


  • $125
  • $375


LED Light Therapy Treatments:

     Light therapy is an advanced technology that offers a vast quantity of benefits for the skin without chemicals, drugs, or invasive measures. There are a number of different colored wavelengths that help the skin in various positive ways. Once the light is absorbed into the skin, the different colors work hard offering their unique benefits such as skin rejuvenation, increased blood flow, wound healing, pain relief, acne treatment, and stimulation of collagen and elastin production.


Red LED light  has the ability to reach deep into all your skin’s layers to stimulate collagen production, prompt cellular repair, and increase circulation leaving you with a more vibrant and youthful complexion. This light an ideal anti-aging treatment for those deep lines, wrinkles, scarring, and to obtain an even skin tone.


Blue LED light  has powerful anti-bacterial properties that have the ability to kill the acne causing bacteria, p acnes. It prevents and treats mild to moderate acne, purifies the skin, soothes inflammation, and stabilizes oil glands.



One 30 min session – $125

Four session package – $475



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